Education is (potentially) the greatest driver of empowerment, social mobility and inspiration. However, the current state of affairs in which education has been hijacked by ideologues threatens inclusion and, in particular, the plight of the most vulnerable.

I am interested in the emergence and normalisation of ideas and the subtle narratives that shape attitudes around education, society and identity. I explore these ideas through essays, prose, poems and music.

Currently, I’m an Educational Psychologist currently working in London. As part of my doctorate I completed a thesis exploring the experiences of vulnerable young people at risk of school exclusion. Subsequently, two academic papers have been published drawing on this project. Previously I was employed as a secondary school teacher.

My second life… I’m also the founding member and songwriter for “Penrose Foxes” – we’re active on the London live music scene and our debut EP, “Roadmap to Bliss” went to number 1 on the iTunes blues chart in 2015.